Glass Empire State Building
glass, wood jig saw puzzles
25x9x4 inches
© 1988
Empire at the Shore
sea shells, sand glue on wood
76x29x18 inches
© 1988
New York Skyline1987
wax, oil paint on wood
46x26x3 inches
© 1987
The Big Shot Empire State Building
game parts, furniture parts, clarinet, tin, wood and paint
87x32x9 inches
© 1994
Empire in the Four Seasons
oil on canvas
96x40 inches
© 1988
Empire in White
painted wood
48x15x8 inches
© 1995
Empire in Bb
piano keys
87x22x5 inches
© 2003
It's Only a Cardboard Empire
everyday cardboard
46x13x7 inches
© 1990
Angel Empire (scary)
plastic wings and body with electric lamp and plaster skull
40x14x9 inches
© 1992
It's All Done with Mirrors (Glitz)
glass mirrors on wood
68x29x113 inches
© 1990
Empire Diner Lamp
painted steel with electric light
78x23x15 inches
© 1990
Empire in Rusty Tools
found tools, bells rusty objects on steel frame
78x23x15 inches
© 1990
Empire in White Dominos
dominos with acrylic paint on wood
50x26x1 inches
© 1988
Housse of Cards (Empire)
playing cards, black boxes on wood
54x22x2 inches
© 2007
Empire Tortoise Shell TV Lamp
souvenir of NY, Tortoise shell, electric light, wood base
12x7x7 inches
© 1990
Empire with Bugle
spools of thread, clock face, furniture parts
39x21x3 inches
© 1998
Empire in Yellow and Black
stamps on paper with wax
36x12 inches
© 1999
Empire in White Buttons
buttons in wax encaustic on wood
38x24x5 inches
© 1998
Empire with Coke a Cola
pinball machine parts, tin signs game parts, faucet
86x30x6 inches
© 1997
Empire in Glitz
costume jewelry, tar and feathers on wood
76x29x18 inches
© 1988
Empire in Ceramic Tile 1939
ceramic tile, acrylic paint on wood
34x11x1 inches
© 1996
Empire with Dark Room Clock (interactive)
found objects, zither, suit case, drain pipe, furniture parts, playing cards, wood
90x36x18 inches
© 2008
Park Avenue Skyline
furniture parts (walnut)
40x26x5 inches
© 1990
San Francisco Skyline
tin cans on plywood
39x25x2 inches
© 1990
Midtown Manhattan (tools)
tools, oil paint on plywood
54x47x3 inches
© 1990
Downtown New York 1990
found objects, furniture parts, snake skin, bottles, tin and paint
49x54x6 inches
© 1990
Tropical Skyline (New York)
tin signs, parrots, dominos, tree limb, oil paint on wood
98x50x5 inches
© 1990
Worship of the Icon (Empire Alter)
plaster, metal Empire State Building souvenirs, electric lights, wood box
23x14x12 inches
© 1990