Architect's Wheel
hand saws, wood flax wheel
60x60x6 inches
© 1995
Umbrella Wheel
umbrellas, shoe trees, round steel guard, wood stand
70x18x18 inches
© 1996
Bird of Happiness Wheel
bird pictures, feathers, bicycle wheels
36x36x5 inches
© 1996
Wheel of Fortune
playing cards, oil paint on wood
36x36x1 inches
© 1996
Calendar Girl Wheel
paper cut out girls, plexiglas wheel, oil paint
54x54x1 inches
© 1996
Cowboy Wheel
cow skin, metal wheels (small & large)
40x40x5 inches
© 1997
Girl & Arrows Wheel
cut out girls, arrows, wood spinning wheel and coat tree stand
83x39x39 inches
© 1996
Tie Flower Wheel
ties woven on steel wheel, wood stand
50x50x15 inches
© 1997
Flower of the Music World (wheel)
violins, wood flax wheel, metal stand
86x60x19 inches
© 1997
Industrial Revolution (wheel)
coffee pots, waffle irons and toasters, industrial fan blades
64x64x12 inches
© 1997