Sax Light for Lovers
alto saxophone, electric lamp parts, metal wings & stand
49x22x19 inches
© 2006
Fan Flying (in the breeze)
vintage GE electric fan, metal wings
24x24x12 inches
© 2006
Look Homeward Angel
vintage eye machine, photograph, metal wings & electric lamp
19x20x15 inches
© 2006
She Waits, By the Garden Wall
plaster, book plate, metal wings, oil paint
27x14x4 inches
© 2006
American beauty, Flying
electric iron, metal wings
23x30x6 inches
© 2006
High Flying Banjo
banjo, cast iron wings, paint
36x35x6 inches
© 2006
Silver Wing Tips
alligator shoes,metal wings, sales shoe stand
18x12x9 inches
© 2006
A Grater Ability to Fly
metal cheese grater, tin wings
9x13x3 inches
© 2006
Fly Nude Light Box Machine (w/ 8 slides)
vintage light box, book pages, electric light
25x14x9 inches
© 2006
Steam-O-Matic Rising
Vintage GE Electric Steam Iron, metal wings
22x12x5 inches
© 2006
Flying Guitar (high Harmony)
vintage f-hole guitar, cast iron wings
39x38x8 inches
© 2006
Flying Machine (in the rain)
rainfall meter, metal wings, pennies, wood stand
53x18x18 inches
© 2006
Roller Skate with Wings
vintage roller skate, copper wings, weather
12x12x4 inches
© 2006
Tempus Fuget (Time Flyies)
vintage victorian shelf clock, game parts, cast iron wings
24x14x5 inches
© 2006